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    We will be holding our monthly community meeting on the date and time above. The time should be converted to your own timezone. Please RSVP, even if you can't make it, so we know how many pizzas to order on @A-89 | Chris D.'s credit card.
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    **TIME IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE** The San Andreas Fire Rescue would like to present the first of many open to the public car shows. The car show will take place on 9/16/18 at the time given, members from SAFR will be present with trucks along with members of the SASP. Members of the public are encouraged to bring their own car and show it off along side the SAFR and SASP rigs. The location for the car show will be the parking lot below the Del Perro Pier, this is subject to change depending on the number of people that will be going. If you have any questions feel free to ask Logan.
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    One topping only! I'm not made of money.
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    We will be having our October Community Meeting on Oct. 13th at 12pm (eastern). This meeting will take place on TeamSpeak in the Meeting Room. The meeting will be recorded for those that cannot attend. This event should auto convert to your timezone. Please RSVP Yes/Maybe/No so we can get an accurate count of pizzas to buy on @CIV-2 | A-89 | Chris D.'s credit card.
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    Okay I got like 30 cousins flying in from Wakanda for this so called pizza, so mark them down.
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    The Italian Job (2003), or the 1969 version (have not seen that one).
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    Super Troopers 2
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    Bohemian Rhapsody, Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse, or Raiders of The Lost Ark
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    Shoot @A-89 | Chris D. I did a meat lovers.
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    Hope everything is going well for yall!
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    I'll be there x2
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    back home and ready to get going again
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    2014 and 2016 unmarked Dodge Chargers preparing to patrol and protect the citizens Paleto Bay with stealth
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    I'll be working. ;(
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