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    We will be holding our monthly community meeting on the date and time above. The time should be converted to your own timezone. Please RSVP, even if you can't make it, so we know how many pizzas to order on @A-89 | Chris D.'s credit card.
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    I upvote POTC and Solo
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    The Rite: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1161864/
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    Hotel Rwanda Apollo 13 Sully Solo: A Star Wars Story Cars 3 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man Tell No Tales Incredibles 2
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    Die Hard 2
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    YOU'RE INVITED TO A (LEGIT) MOVIE NIGHT YOU CAN CHOOSE OUR NEXT MOVIE! Comment your suggestions below for possible movie choices. Suggestions will be considered until May 23th at midnight (EDT) (2 DAYS BEFORE THE MOVIE) and then a poll will be posted. Please only comment a suggestion if you are actually planning on attending. The Legit Roleplay Public Information Unit would like to invite you to our 3rd monthly movie night! We believe building a community is more than patrolling in a video game so we believe in doing more to bring us together. Be sure to RSVP so we know that you're coming! EU Members: We know that this might be tough for you, but we've picked this time because it tends to be the best time to include not only our EU members but members in the US as well. If this doesn't work out great for EU members we can look into having a special EU event at a better time of day.
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  11. F-101 | Wessel O.


    Just enjoying the view over the sea
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