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  • The San Andreas State Police (SASP) is responsible for the protection of citizens in the entire state of San Andreas. SASP uses their resources and divisions to the best of their ability to enforce the law’s set forth by the federal government, and the state. SASP strides themselves on being the most professional, and uniformed department of the state of San Andreas. 

    State Police Sub-Divisons:

    Traffic Services Unit: Our primary objective is to bring down drunk driver's. No one like's seeing someone get into a vehicle while intoxicated & neither do we. TSU Troopers will do everything  possible to keep the roads of San Andreas safe for you, your families & friends. We do a lot more than just DUI calls, we also specialize in pursuit tactics & Motor Vehicle Accident's.

    K-9 Unit: This unit consists of specially trained troopers partnered with police-duty trained canines. We are able to carry out multiple tasks such as supporting in a search and rescue & perimeter searches,  assisting at vehicle checkpoints to have that extra check-up on safety and vehicle searches, assisting with warrants including but not limited to search and arrest warrants.

    Tactical Response Unit: The Tactical Response Unit is a highly respected and organized division of strategically trained Law Enforcement Officers who combat high priority situations that regular troopers cannot handle with their equipment or basic training. T.R.U Responds to a vast majority of dangerous calls that can range from active shooters, hostage situations, and Trooper & Suspect stand offs. This team is to uphold the peace at the best of their abilities with Professionalism, Integrity, and commitment to the safety of the public.

  • Department Ranks:

    Admin ranks:


    Assistant Commissioner

    Deputy Commissioner



    Staff Ranks:



    Master Sergeant

    Staff Sergeant




    Member Ranks:

    Master Trooper

    Senior Trooper

    Trooper First Class

    State Trooper

    Probationary Trooper

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