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  • The mission of the San Andreas Fire Department is to provide the state with fire protection services along with emergency medical services. This also includes HAZMAT, technical rescues, mass casualties and large scale emergency. The Los Santos Fire Department strives to be a agency of high standard serving the citizens of the state.

    Fire Rescue Sub-Divisions:

    Fire Marshal's Office: A Fire Marshal’s main job is to conduct building inspections and to investigate all fires that happen within the state. Their main priority is to make sure all buildings meet the San Andreas Fire Code and ensure there are no fire hazards. When investigating fires, their job is to find the origin of the fire and determine if the fire was an accident or arson.

    National Forest Services: The National Forest Services is proud to have partnered with the San Andreas Fire and Rescue to provide top-notch Fire and EMS services to the wilderness areas of San Andreas. Our main goals are to preserve, prevent and protect the wilderness within the state of San Andreas. We try to achieve this goal through various methods, including aerial fire spotting and firefighting, we also have a wide arrangement of ground vehicles varying from big rescue apparatuses to small and nimble ATV's.

    Fire Rescue Certifications:

    EMT Certifications: After completing basic training there are 3 additional EMT levels you can achieve to improve your knowledge of medical protocols and to gain advanced skills for treating and managing medical emergencies. 

    Lifeflight: Lifeflight will allow you to fly the SAFR helicopter for medical extractions, cutting down transport times. The helicopter also allows medical personnel to respond to calls in remote/hard to reach places.

    Hazardous Materials: Most commonly known as HazMat, members of SAFR will learn how to handle materials that expose major risks to life and property. HazMat is also responsible for checking all hazardous material containers to make sure all labels are up to code and that they are in areas that if an explosion/fire occurred would pose the least amount of risk to the public.



  • Department Ranks:

    Admin ranks:

    Fire Chief

    Assistant Fire Chief

    Deputy Fire Chief

    Battalion Chief


    Staff Ranks:

    Fire Captain

    Fire Lieutenant

    District Commander

    Division Commander

    Station Commander

    Station Supervisor


    Member Ranks:

    Senior Firefighter

    Firefighter II

    Firefighter I

    Probationary Firefighter

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