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  • The goal of the Civilian Operations department is to provide emergency personnel and other civilians with activities and scenarios that simulate real life situations. To keep true to our community values, civilian members need to be as realistic as possible in order to provide a quality roleplay experience for all involved.



    The guidelines for the Civilian Operations department are very relaxed, compared to some other roleplay communities, because we train and expect members to be creative and make things fun for all those involved; but also keep things grounded in reality.



    Civilian Sub-Divisions & Owned Businesses:

    San Andreas Flight Administration: The San Andreas Flight Administration (SAFA) is the governing body over all things aviation. Not only do we train and test new aviators, we also put laws into place for airports, and air space, as well as investigate aircraft accidents and incidents. 

    24/7: The 24/7 Stores is a chain of convenience stores in the State of San Andreas. Serving the residents and working members of the state, 24/7 offers several food, drink and other essential items at a low price. 24/7 refers to its customers as “guests” because that’s how we want to make them feel when they are in our stores.

  • Department Ranks:

    Admin ranks:

    Civilian Chief

    Civilian Assistant Chief

    Civilian Deputy Chief

    Civilian Commander


    Staff Ranks:

    Civilian Specialist

    Civilian Manager

    Civilian Supervisor

    Civilian Marshall

    Civilian Senior Ambassador

    Civilian Ambassador


    Member Ranks:

    Senior Civilian


    Probie Civilian

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