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Event Trouble In LRP

Event details

Trouble in LRP


The objective of this gamemode is to find out who the traitor is before he kills you.



  • Innocent - Find out who is a traitor, SURVIVE.

  • Detective - Find out who is a traitor and identify dead bodies in chat.

  • Traiter - Kill everyone and don’t get caught.

  • Game Mod - Give everyone their roles and start/end game.


  • Innocent - Pistol w/ flashlight and standard armor.

  • Detective - Sawed-Off Shotgun, Pistol w/ flashlight, and super heavy armor.

  • Traitor - Pistol w/ flashlight, a grenade, a knife, and standard armor.

  • Punishment - If you killed an innocent unprovoked while being innocent you get no armor the following round.


We will all meet in General Lounge following the State Police Meeting.


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