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  • Legit Roleplay is a community that uses modded FiveM servers to create a custom roleplay experience while playing GTA:V. Legit Roleplay was created by a small group of gamers and content creators that met while roleplaying in other communities. The group called themselves Appears Legit Gaming and inside this group is how Legit Roleplay was founded.

    Legit Roleplay's founding started with one question... How much fun would it be if your scenario-based roleplay community was drama free and didn't feel like a second job?

    Our leadership team rallied to this question, using our various experiences from life and other communities to come up with something we are proud to share with you.

    So what happened? We simplified rank structures because we found those breed drama, jealousy and resentment. We threw out 10 codes for our Communications and Law Enforcement groups, favoring plain English to make it easier to communicate. We removed many of the regulations on new Civilian members, preferring to offer as much freedom as we can without devolving into chaos.

    We are proud of what we accomplished so far and know we have more we want to do. Interested? We invite you to become part of our community and help grow things here. Make friends, share creativity and above all, have fun.

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